The Good Machinery studio is Desanka Ilic. I create contemporary jewellery and art objects through plastic combination of art, design and sentimentalism. I strive for artisanal experimentation and deep commitment to meticulous quality. I find poetry in the discarded, and allow the material to guide me. Rather then following trends, I work and create through my own mysticism and fuckery.

The Asphalt series (first of the collections created) started in summer 2013.
Resins give me freedom to do what I believe know best which is playing with colours.
I’ve always had an intense love affair with color. It started in childhood in my grandmother’s kitchen, where she collected discarded pieces of wool in a credenza. The scraps were discarded by the shops for their “ugly” colors, but they were cheap and that’s what she could afford. Each of the cardigans, blankets and shawls she made from them were amazing works of art. She combined ideas and colors that seemingly wouldn’t get along; it was both intimidating and dreamy. My main purpose with my work is to simply reuse this idea of non ugliness of objects and propose it within the contemporary twist.

At least 15-20% of annual income of T/GM goes to charities. // more information sooner.